Springing into Summer!

It’s summertime at Benjamin’s Beaver Creek and The Natural, and there’s plenty to do! Whether your choice is to be active or to relax, we’re here for your enjoyment.

Summer fun begins in the water: at our indoor pool or at the water slide, or in the hot tub — even at The Natural over water hazards. Summer fun continues with putt-putt golf at Beaver Creek and golf at The Natural.

Relaxation is easy at the Resort and Golf Course. Enjoy cool summer mornings at your campsite or cabin watching the dew evaporate while the wildlife entertains you. Your sunny, warm summer afternoon is the ideal time to walk the Resort grounds and visit with your neighbors, walk your pet, improve your golf game at The Natural driving range, or wander into the camp store for a delicious ice cream treat.

You may or may not have noticed the activity at The Natural of rebuilding the maintenance shop which was destroyed by fire on St. Patty’s Day this past spring. Crews are working daily to re-create the large building, which housed equipment, carts, repair facilities, and supplies for the golf course operations.

Evenings spent around a campfire bring out stories and laughs from the youngest to the oldest person enjoying summer fun. S’mores are optional, yet delicious! Have you had your campfire yet this season? Firewood is available for purchase at the General Store.

With the 4th of July holiday quickly approaching, it’s a great time to come out to Benjamin’s Beaver Creek. The fireworks over Lake Otsego are scheduled for Saturday, July 6. It’s a real treat to view those fireworks from your lounge chair viewing point in the Resort parking lot. Plans are in the making for kids’ activities as well as family activities for the days and evenings of the holiday week.

During July, Gaylord’s 49th annual Alpenfest is running July 16 – 20th this year. This is a fun event, and is easily accessible from Beaver Creek’s location. Checking online will provide details of daily events for planning your days of fun.


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