Monthly Archives: July 2013

Sunshine, Freedom and Campfires!

Wow! It’s great to live in a nation where we can gather openly to celebrate our country’s beginnings, isn’t it? The Fourth of July holiday celebrations and fireworks were spectacular! The weather was perfect and we at Benjamin’s Beaver Creek Resort and The Natural golf course hope everyone had a wonderful time for their holiday activities.
The heart of summertime — mid-July and August — is upon us. Travelers are everywhere, enjoying their vacations. Here at Benjamin’s Beaver Creek, summer fun continues. The water slide welcomes kids daily, and the evenings bring fragrant campfire smells. There were a couple of hole-in-ones at the putt-putt golf course last week, and “you-know-who” had a smile on his face — and a sunburn too! Everyone seemed to truly enjoy the hay rides and the waterslide was met with boisterous laughter and excitement!
Members, remember that cabins are available for rent to your family or friends who wish to enjoy the resort with you. Check with the registration office for information on how to make the arrangements.
Thank you to all of our members and guests who were so cooperative and understanding during our road paving project. It was all so worth it, wasn’t it? The resort has never looked so beautiful!
Who can help but admire the beautiful flower gardens scattered around the Resort? In case you don’t know, it is Doris — the ‘flower lady’ — we can thank for the colorful, well-planned flower gardens. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to thank Doris for her many, many hours of loving care she puts into creating our enjoyment each summer.
August brings out the best in vacationers. There are many area activities for getting the most out of your vacation. Check in at the Benjamin’s Country Store or the registration office for suggestions for the time and dates you have available. Among the many attractions in the area, downtown Gaylord hosts a Farmer’s Market on limited Wednesdays in July, plus each Saturday. Check for times locally.
What’s happening in that large area at the top of the hill? You may have wondered this, too. The former storage area is being re-designed and re-purposed with irrigation system and grass planting to create a meadow for multiple uses. A wedding in late July is the first activity planned for the area. As well as being more attractive, the grassy area allows for possible expansion in the future.