Monthly Archives: August 2014

Summer Vacation At Its Finest!

Choosing the perfect summer vacation can be tough. Whether you are looking for the ideal location to have a family vacation, a group getaway, a solo adventure or a family reunion-we’ve got you covered at Benjamin’s Beaver Creek Resort.

Our summer has been filled with such fond memories and we still have plenty of time left before we transition into the Autumn season.

We’ve recently begun having an All-You-Can-Eat style pancake breakfast EVERY Saturday morning in Benjamin’s Country Store. It’s turned out to be quite the hit! The best part? You get as many pancakes as you want (and syrup!) for only $1.

The infamous water slide at the resort got a total makeover! We sanded, buffed and repainted it a bold green color and it is quicker than ever! Way until you see the video that we are working on where a couple brave kids wore gopro cameras down the slide!

We encourage you to browse our photos, peruse the webpage, call us with any questions-we’d love to see you all again real soon!